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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Fat Fat and more Fat

I am in Liverpool at the moment and I am shocked. I had seen a TV program about the problem with obesity and health problems associated with the condition. During previous trips to Liverpool I hadn't noticed how many Fat people there where. OK I am a few pounds overweight but only a few pounds and I have been congratulated at how I have done well shedding about a stone I needed to loose. But what I saw while traveling from the airport into the city centre was appalling. Maybe I should be politically correct an call people Obese but call a spade a spade they're are Fat.

I am visiting my Mum who almost 93 years of age is in hospital. You would think the hospital would offer there staff who are overweight help as an example to others with a weight problem. Outside of Mum's room is the fattest nurse I have seen but being Fat seems normal but not to me.

I have to admit I am an addict and I face my addition every day, I am addicted to Fresh Cream cakes and I haven't had a single cake yet. Being in Portugal it's easy you can't get fresh cream but now back in Liverpool I will try to avoid cream cakes if any kind.

Monday, 19 February 2018


the very word Ryanair brings out the worst in some people, often it's moan after moan and the latest was about the luggage going in the hold. What Ryanair have done is changed the rules about the luggage. All luggage now has to go in the hold unless you pay for priority boarding when you can take it on the plane.

I have flown with Ryanair many many times and the main problem has always been people trying to get all there bags in the overhead lockers. While all this is going on it takes up so much time while the cabin crew try to get all the lockers closed.

But today Wow what Ryanair have done has made so much difference. The plane was boarded so much quicker and the time it took to get going was reduced a lot. Ten minutes early is common on the Porto to Liverpool but today we arrived 23 minutes early. A lot of that saving was of so few people now taking baggage onto the plane and I for one will look forward to my return trip to see if it's as good a flight. By the time I got from the plane to go through Customs the baggage was just coming  onot the carrousel and my bag was one of the first.

The sad part of this trip is my Guinness sport bag I have used from September 2009 to date is now redundant and I need a case. I borrowed one till I get time to buy one for myself but the bag didn't have a lock. Instead I used a cable tie and it worked perfect,and I have had things missing from my bag on a trip to Spain that's why I used a cable tie.

Back in Liverpool

liverpool was for most of my life home but not now my heart is in Portugal a and to be honest I would rather not to have left for a trip back to the place of my birth.

This trip was one I tried to avoid for the best of reasons or for me they where the best of reasons. I cast my mind back to when I took my Dad to see his sister dying from Lung cancer. I was persuaded to go and say goodbye but being a coward if coward being the right word I didn't want to see her. I had great memories of visits to her house but after going to say goodbye all I saw was a skeleton lying in her bed, I was shocked. That was my last memory of such a wonderful Auntie and most of all she was a good friend when needed.

Now we have gone full circle and this time I have to Man up my wonderful Mum is seriously ill. Mum is now nearly 93 years of age and the hardest thing was when she said that she has had her time and she just wants to go. After four hip operations her quality of life is not good and won't get any better. Mum apart from family now has help come in each day.

I have now made the trip over and on Tuesday morning I will see my Mum. I would love to see Mum recover and get home but now is not the time for dreams it's time to face what may happen but hope it doesn't.

Friday, 9 February 2018

And here is how it's done

i failed to pay attention to woodwork at school something I dearly regret. My big problem now is getting the wood I need to carry on working on my house. I can now get supplies of Chestnut but I can't find supplies wide enough for my needs so I have to make my own wide enough.

What I mean by that is I have to put two pieces together and cut it down to the size I want. I can't get wood thick enough for my needs so I have to glue two pieces together to get just what I want.

Once varnished you will be able to see the different grains in the wood. 

 I made the last two window sills today but with all the gluing it took two days waiting with drying time allowed before I could start the sanding. The sills in the long, tv room and bedroom are all different from each other that makes each room different from the others.

Now all the surrounds need to be cut shaped varnished and fitted.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Thanks to my mate

The law here is you can't have anything hanging out of the back of your van so 3mt long planks of timber are sadly to long for my van. I am lucky i have a friend who has roof bars and offered to bring my timber back for me. So of we went to the timber yard to get some timber to carry on with the jobs i have to do.

Today i cut one piece for one window and another for another window. I also cut two window sills and now everything needs planing and sanding. But another shopping trip for more wood glue and varnish so i better make the most of the time i have.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Where is he

This time of year for the last few years i have had a little friend come to see me. He never comes into my house even though most of the time the door is open.

My friend is a little Robin of the feathered type but sadly this year he is not here. Seeing him going from tree to tree was a way to pass the time. He never stayed long enough for me to take his picture, maybe he was shy. I was told today that they only live for three years so maybe he has passed away.

R.I.P little Robin you are very missed.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Best before/ best by

Every trip back to the UK i bring back Cheese or if i have a parcel sent over i have Cheese included in it. While going thrlough my stock of Cheese in my freezer i found one block about 800g and it was dated for 13/10/2015. OK so it's out of date but i use it in my egg poacher to make my poached eggs that bit different. Or Cheese omerlet with extra mature cheddar it just perfect and what better way to start a day.

Way back in about 1968

As the title says way back in about 1968 a girl friend and i parted. But last year we made contact again and i am very happy to wish her a very Happy Birthday for today.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Another window done

It's taken a while but with so much on the go at the moment  it's difficult get everything done at the same time. The stock of Chestnut timber i was able to buy due to it's size  didn't allow me to get everything done i would have liked.

I now have a compressor and it made the job of varnishing much easier so it looks so much better than i have done before.

I now have parts already cut for two other windows but i need to find another supply of Chestnut. The down side is so many of the timber yards have two prices one for locals and one for us English. So getting timber is getting expensive now Chicco has closed down.