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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Chicco News

Great news my friend Chicco is on the road to recovery i am so glad to say. On my way back home i pass through a village where Chicco lives. Being a good driver i was watching the road as i approached where there is a supermarket. OK maybe only I think i am good but that's not the point i saw a couple of young ladies talking nothing new BUT.

One of the young ladies looked in my mirror to be Chicco's daughter so i stopped quick and reversed and it was it was Christine who i know quite well. Christine told me the extent of the injuries he suffered  and they where life changing injuries but he is doing well.

While i was in Liverpool in May i sent a get well card just to let him know i was thinking of him. from what Christine tells me he was happy to get the card and it is on show in his room. I know where his workshop is but i didn't know where he lived so i had no contact to enquire how he was doing but i can say he is getting better and is having Physio therapy and is home of a weekend.

Everything i have done in my house i could not have done without his help, I even cut out a pattern for a window sill i wanted and he produced just what i want. 

Next time you are home Chicco  Tenha um bom fim de semana

Take care my friend Chicco and thank you Christine for taking the time to let me know how your Father is. 

For Christtine i have translated the above

Boas notícias meu amigo Chicco está no caminho da recuperação, estou tão feliz em dizer. No meu caminho de volta, eu atravesso uma aldeia onde vive Chicco. Sendo um bom motorista, eu estava assistindo a estrada quando me aproximei onde há um supermercado. OK, talvez, só acho que estou bem, mas esse não é o ponto em que vi algumas jovens senhoras falando nada de novo, MAS.

Uma das jovens senhoras olhou no meu espelho para ser a filha de Chicco, então eu parei rápido e revertei e foi a Christine quem eu conheço muito bem. Christine me contou a extensão das lesões que sofreu e eles onde mudaram a vida, mas ele está indo bem.

Enquanto eu estava em Liverpool, em maio, enviei um cartão bem-vindo apenas para que ele soubesse que estava pensando nele. Pelo que Christine me diz que estava feliz em receber o cartão e está em exibição em seu quarto. Eu sei onde é a sua oficina, mas eu não sabia onde ele morava, então eu não tinha contato para perguntar como ele estava fazendo, mas eu posso dizer que ele está melhorando e está tendo fisioterapia e é o lar de um fim de semana.

Tudo o que fiz na minha casa, eu não poderia ter feito sem a sua ajuda, eu mesmo cortar um padrão para um batente de janela que eu queria e ele produziu exatamente o que eu queria.

Da próxima vez que você estiver em casa, Chicco Tenha um bom fim de semana

Tenha cuidado com meu amigo Chicco e agradeço a Christine por ter tomado o tempo para me informar como é seu Pai.

Pete's bar has gone it's changed hands

As the title says Pete's bar at Ponte Velha is no more. I went in today as I always do when in the area and I found that Barbara the cook has taken over. Lots of new changes are coming so watch this space.

So Pete's gone but what's new well the two things i know are that they are going to sell a good range of English food for those who can't do without English food. once they get settled in they are going to have a monthly barbeque in the car park over the road in the car park.

Amongst the range of English food is i hope to be selling a range of Organic Spices and also other Spices on request.

My suppliers tell me the reason that most of my range of Spices are not certified Organic is the farmers are so small the cost of being accredited as Organic cost to much when a farmer may only have one acre of farm.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

What road narrows

I went to the tax office today to pay my business tax. Driving down the lane i use to go to town i came across this sign at the side of the lane.

The lane is only as wide as my car or van this should have been Man at work but maybe they don't have a Man at work sign.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Tax time

Being a registered business here in Portugal every year I have to submit my accounts just as businesses do all over the world. Unlike the rest of the world when I went to the local tax office there computers where broke or as they say they where down. I went back the next day and again the computers where still down.

This second nd time when the computers where down was the last day to submit my accounts. However the office manager was happy to submit my accounts when the system was up and running. Today I had occasion to go to the tax office and one of the staff called me over to check my name as they had a letter for me. The letter was my submitted accounts completed and the total I was to pay was 67.44€ that's more than double what I paid last year. Last year I paid 31€ much better than the many thousands of pounds I paid each year in the UK.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Started on the TV unit

The new extended part of my lounge will become where i sit and relax of an evening and watch TV. I had planned to extend my existing unit and Chicco made the base out of Pine not Chestnut. When he corrected it he gave me the Pine unit as it was of no use to him the shape it was. I have used it as a template for my new unit and i was able also to use it to mark out it's position.

The picture you see is with the Pine unit that i used, i will pass this now to a new joiner i have found who will make me three shelf units. Once done i will then start to make the sides to take the doors for the front

I have to put the base in before i can complete the last of the skirting. Behind are 8 sockets to power everything.

Friday, 28 July 2017

It's coming together at last

Over the last couple of months i have been making my lounge bigger by opening the second spare bedroom. I took out a wall and door and frame to open the lounge and bedroom into one.The walls and ceiling have been replaced by putting battens on the wall and using insulated plaster board. The ceiling was also done by dropping it by about 120mm and with the addition of a ceiling fan and 4 LED lights.

The only outstanding  job is trimming around the windows and i now have found where i can get Chestnut to match everything i have done. I also have to move my TV unit as this is going to be the part i will use most as it feels so comfortable.

I had wanted one wall a different colour and i used grey but it didn't look right. I tried first with a white strip but again it's didn't look right. I looked at a site that did house renovating and saw a wall with a strip so that's how i got my strip on the wall. It was only after i did the black strip that it all came together.

Using LED lights if i have them all on at once i am using only 23w to light the room. That works out at 44hrs of light for only one unit of electricity or about 18 cents.

This is an area i am most proud of but for so long it was hidden by my dinning room table now it looks so good.
I have a tiler who is coming to tile the outside wall after the wall first is insulated.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Didn't sell my wardrobe

I had advertised the wardrobe out of the bedroom that is becoming part of my lounge. The wardrobe was a bug ugly thing and i offered a fair price only to be insulted by the offer i was given. So i cut the wardrobe up because i could make something better from it.

What an ugly piece of junk and i was glad to get rid. But below is a picture of what it may turn out to look like.

I intend to close up the draw so it can't open and have the top so it will open upwards. The base i am sure i can make it look like Chestnut and the table top will be made from Chestnut. I put this in my lounge to give me an idea of what it will look like finished.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sockets and lights done

The white strip you can see is going to have a grey and a red strip when i finish  the painting. I have varnished the skirting boards ready for when i am happy there is no more painting to do.  Then the next major job is to sand the floor again and varnish it. I will have when i finish 20 sockets in a room the size you can see.

This is the only light on at the moment as i am waiting for the main LED lights to arrive.

I managed to get one length of coving up today before i was called out but you can see how it looks.

Here is where the new TV unit will go and 8 sockets for power. To include land line phone, phone chargers, modem the TV and computer  and lastly there are 2 sockets for the mini LED lights.