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Sunday, 10 December 2017

You really need vision

A long time ago i finished my ceiling in my lounge and for a time i was happy with how it turned out. I had 8 LED ceiling lights, 2 above the dinning area and 6 over the rest of the lounge. That was all well and good but after i had finished in the spare bedroom with ceiling lights round the room behind the coving well.

I was not satisfied with how the lounge looked 8 LED lights may be enough for most people but as i have a TV room that has 4 LED lights and 18 hidden behind the coving i just got thinking i had to do something in the Lounge.

Using an old piece of larger section coving i decided to see what it would look like so i made a start and put a couple of lights up. I used pins to hold the coving up and it looks great but i need to see how it looks at night. Will it look how i imagine, i think it will.
So i will be putting up 20 Lights that use about 10 watts of electric.

As they say and here is one i did earlier.

This is the spare bedroom and like the TV room the mine lights are on a timer ready for when they are needed.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Found Chestnut so work has started again

For a long time since Chicco had his accident i have not been able to get myselfa stock of Chestnut in plank form. What that means is i have to cut it down to the size i want and then run it through my plane.

I managed on the first day of work to cut and prepare the timber i need to finish round the window in my spare bedroom. Once done that room will be complete.

This is how the window should look now i can prepare all my own timber.

This is how far i had got to when Chicco had his accident so i still have lots to do.

Monday, 4 December 2017

A new picture of progress

Well here we are getting on with the building of my Fish tank. I have one more layer to complete the walls but with a much narrower section block. What you can't see is the insulation in the side and rear walls.

The hollow section in the blocks allows me to put the pipework for the filter and also the cables to power the pumps.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

The tank gets more done

This last week i have been lucky to have had a friend stay for a couple of days and again he stood over me so i could do more to my tank. I can say when i finish that i have done wall the construction work my self.

I am having a steel cage made to ensure that with the pressure of the water the front stays leak proof.
The cage is designed to fit into the holes you see in the block work. In front of the steel door will be a tank to take the heat from the door for water changes.

All round the sides and back there is the kind of steel you see when a concrete floor is being laid For those who don't know it's called Rebar.

This is a Pacu and is related to the Piranha but this fish also has a family member called the Red bellied Pacu that looks so like the Piranha

Friday, 1 December 2017

Working 2nd December

Tomorrow the 2nd December i have a mornings work.

I had to try on my work uniform to see it fit. Thankfully it's just for a morning and only once a year.

It's the 1st December

Well unlike the UK and maybe most of the western world Christmas doesn't start in my house until the 1st December.

It's time now for Margaret the fairy to come out until she goes back in the box till the next time she comes out. Margaret as you may have guessed is my fairy. Margaret even has lights in the shape of little skulls. Really festive.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Undergrowth now gone

At the front of my house i had a small garden if you would call it that. Actually it was more like an undergrowth so thick that squatters could hide in it and not be found. using some serious weed killer and not an AK47 to kill the undergrowth.  I decided that not being a gardener i would cover it with a black membrane and cover that with chipping or as it's called here Brita so that's what i did but i ordered to much chippings.

This was taken from my bedroom window and it does look so much better now. I have an Acer tree but need a much bigger pot to put it in and that will go in the centre then that's job done.

I have a friend and when ever gardening is mentioned my answer is always the same put concrete down and paint it green. simple solution to me because i hate gardening and what do i do Chipping Oh well at least i did something.

My friend has had his house painted and to make the job easy my suggestion was to get some Graffiti painter to do it but supply the paint for them. All he had to do was give them white paint and the job would some be done.but did he listen thank God he didn't i would have got the blame if it was the wrong shade.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Screwfix Haha customer service stinks

For about 25 years I had at one point two Franchises with Bargain Booze who are the largest drinks company in the UK. The one thing that's most important was customer service and getting comments from Bargain Booze when someone called them to say what great service we gave them was well received by all the staff.

Well this is not a story about myself and Bargain Booze but it's a story about Screwfix. The thing I wanted is not a stock item so it had to be delivered to the local store the next day. I have no problem with the staff or any part of the transaction my problem is with waiting for a reply to there being a problem with a part of the machine I treated myself to. I emailed soon after opening the parcel that UPS delivered.

A vital part that has to be fitted to the machine to allow it to be switched on was damaged and as it was in the main body of the machine I was surprised to find a damaged part included in the packaging. It's now 24 hours and I haven't had a reply to my email about the damage and when I checked my email I found no reply yet.

This story will continue

An Early Christmas present to myself

While I was in Liverpool recently to see my Mum I decided to buy myself a new piece of equipment for my workshop. Since Chicco is now unable to work I have nowhere to get wood cut and planed any more I decided to get something to make life easy. I treated myself to a planer thicknesser.

Buying this should make getting so many jobs completed that have remained waiting for attention for so long.

Lots of YouTube watched

After telling a friend how difficult I was finding bricklaying he volunteered to come round and show me where I was going wrong. It seems my mistake was in not using enough water and my mix was a little to dry.

Now I know what to do I brick halfway up a door way and did quite a good job I think. The door being metal is being left as it gets the morning sun and get quite hot and that will help keep the room warm. The room will be fully insulated and hopefully the heat in the room will keep the water warm.

I do have a backup plan should I need to add heat to the room I will have a water solar panel but hopefully it won't be needed.