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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Who's got an address

For a while there has been talk of all roads having address signs it seemed that not many did. Well today it was are turn to have a formal address.

My postman says to just carry on as before because we are known by our name and he and the relief postmen also know those in my village.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

It was market day today

This market o go to is a craft and produce market and it worked this way for so long. One day someone arrived with a car load of junk, stuff that i have thrown away better before i moved to Portugal.

This was taken early before the crowds came There is everything from fresh lemonade to pottery to fresh bread. 

The lady in blue sells home made perfumes and various oils. The guy on the left sells lots of Organic honey also a few plants.

There is someone you can't see who sells sausage on a barm. He makes the sausage from his own pigs. Also he sells bacon and various smoked products including fish.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

It has been hot very hot

We have had heat of 44c for a few days and even though it was not uncomfortable in my new bedroom aircon just had to be fitted.

Before i moved to my house i got two aircon units to bring with me from the UK. This is the second unit i am installing but i couldn't fit it at the height it should be. because of the shape above the window the aircon wouldn't fit so i had to put it somewhere else so it  was below the window.

All the inside has been done and now it's down to the outside to do, fit the main unit and run the pipework up to the top unit and switch on.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Another trip back to Liverpool

Just a little note to mention i have a trip booked to go back to Liverpool. I have found another company to supply me with Spices but this company also sells Organic Spices and i can sell them at almost the same price that i sell my existing stock with little price increase on most of my stock.

I last saw my Mum who is 91 years of age and i do miss her so great excuse for a trip back.

Lastly there is a school reunion to attend and it seems Steve and Micheal have found lots of my old mates from Rosco Garsfield school.

This is how to do it

A long time ago i stayed at a friends house and when i plugged in my Iaptop the socket was loose in the wall. When i removed my Iaptop plug the back box came out of the wall.

When i came to plasterboard my walls in each room as i go along below is how i do it so as to maintain an  air gap.

I put plenty of sockets using the above method to each room as i go along. Kitchen 23 sockets, Lounge 16 and the new bedroom 16 sockets. It's better to install when you are doing the work but also it's easy to fit should you find you need more. I am lucky that my electrician comes along to check i have laid the cables in correctly before he stars to connect them all up.

Each room also has it's own fuse panel or as some know it as a consumer panel this saves shutting down the whole house when electric works are needs, this way you just turn of whatever room you need the power switched of.

Screw a block of wood to the wall and then screw your socket back box to the block of wood. Simple.

This is after the back box has been screwed in position.

Hope that helps someone i am sure it will.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Moving into my bedroom

Well the bedroom is coming on and i have started to move my clothes up to there new storage units.

It's looking good even my leather chair that i have enjoyed for many many years and it's in place for me to watch TV.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

It's coming on almost there

Today i received the LED lighting pack, The Auger drill bit for the table lights and the quilt. I decided to iron the quilt cover and make up the bed. The quilt cover was so badly creased it took an hour to iron all the creases out.

Over the coming days the skirting will have the LED lights fitted and the skirting will be finished.

Next i have a long drill bit delivered to drill through the table lamps to complete my custom made lamps.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Window finished

Today i managed to finish the window frame i have been working on.The architrave had it's last coat of varnish yesterday and it was time the architrave was put in place. All it meant was for the blackout blinds to be fitted.

These blinds come in one size and they need to be cut to fit. This was before the weight was fitted into the bottom of the blind and it now fits and looks good.

It should be dark of a morning even when i get up late.